Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Oh goodness gracious me. Why is this SO HARD! On so many different reasons.

I had lost almost TEN POUNDS! Go me! Then we had a little bit of sadness when the Beau's mother died. It was a tremendously hard week... that was one special woman, and I already considered her my mother-in-law, even though we aren't married yet. Well.... we are from the South.... and people like to make you a lot of food when someone dies in the south. Well, I gained FIVE freaking pounds this month between the week I spent in the hospital with his family, and then with the funeral. But, the way I see it, these lbs are just a little grief weight, and should come off pretty quickly now that people aren't waving fried chicken and cakes and cookies and banana pudding under my nose.

BUT, off of that... why are the only food options for those people visiting loved ones in the hospital fried, greasy, and nothing you would eat on a regular basis if left to your own devices? I really think they are just trying to create more patients for the 10th floor (cardiac!).

But the past few days have been better, the weight is coming back off. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll finish up the month where I started, but if I can just break even, I will be estatic.

Last night I followed in the footsteps of my girl H, and I checked out the fitness TV section of OnDemand. I decided it would be fun to try the Carmen Electra strip tease workout. Well, not so much. I am not cute enough, nor do I have the ability to move my hips all sexy-like to be good at that workout. Although, I did demonstrate my workout to the Beau (fully clothed, of course), and he told me "not bad". But I think he's obligated to tell me that!

So, I'm going back to Jillian. She's the best. Plus, I spent $30 on her DVDs, so I need somethign to show for that. :) And my eating is getting so much better now that I'm back in my own house on my own schedule and can cook fresh foods.

So, fingers crossed! Here's hoping for a good, healthy week. :)