Friday, September 04, 2009

Yes, I've Been Called Both Cheesey AND Nutty

So the past three days, my lunch has consisted of a baggie of almonds (about a heaping handful) and a WW string cheese. Today I threw in frozen grapes for some fruit action, because I haven't had much of that. Lunch has been deliciously filling, right up until the time I got home. Of course then it's supper time! I have been super hungry at night, after dinner. HURRAY for WW desserts, although I've been eating a single serving bag of chips at night too. But I'm still dropping the poundage I put on last month, which is excellent.

On Tuesday I'm starting a 7 day cleansing diet that my co-workers told me about (although I will most likely only make it 5 days - day 6 and 7 I will be traveling for work and no access to the stuff I'll need to eat). I realize it's a fad diet, but it's all fruit and vegetables, so I can't see where it will do any harm, and those who I've know to have tried it have had a lot of success. So if nothing else, it will jump start the weight loss. The way I see it, at the best, I'll lose 10 pounds. At the worst, I've stuffed myself full of veggies for nothing - although my body will probably be happy with the veggies, so it's a wash! Fingers crossed, all will go well. :) I just have to figure out what I will feed the Beau while I'm doing this, because there is no way he will be up for doing this with me. The man likes to eat!

So I'm excited about this venture - I'm hoping it will give me the jump start that I will need! I will report back soon!

YAY Labor Day Weekend!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Water, Water, Everywhere.... And Now I've Got to Drink

So, I'm back to drinking water on a regular basis. I'd drifted away from my 32 ounces of water daily, but I decided it's a habit I'm picking up again. It doesn't taste as good as Diet Coke, but it doesn't leave me bloated either. And water is so refreshing! I actually enjoy drinking my giant glass of water everyday. AND, I have to walk downstairs and down the hall to get to the water machine (I get free water out of the coke machine in the dining room - ROCKIN'!!!), so it's a healthy little walk to break up my day too! w00t!!

Something else I did.... I signed up for my work's Fitness for Life program. There is a whole list of stuff I have to do. To start off with, I have a health screening next week that I have to do. I'm a little nervous about it. PLUS, I signed up a little late and all the early morning spots were taken, so I have to wait until 11:00 am to do mine.... so I cannot eat ANYTHING until lunch time. I am going to be sooooooo hungry. My office better be prepared, because I am Cranky-Pants McGhee when I don't eat. I'm a little bit nervous about what they will find in my test results, but I've never had the cholesterol checked, or my gluclose levels, or anything, so it will be really good that I get this done.

Along with the program, I have to work out 10 times a month. I either have to sign in/out at the HR office to prove I did my time, or there were a list of other options. I chose to buy a Nike+ to go with my iPod. This way I can print out my times and dates that I work out. I have to give it to HR monthly. I am almost going to the 5:15 work out sessions that my work has. So, as the school year starts, I am determined to start a program and stick with it. This lasts for 6 months. I get a cash reward if I am successful in the program. So, here goes nothing! All I have to lose is... well... 60 pounds. haha.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Oh goodness gracious me. Why is this SO HARD! On so many different reasons.

I had lost almost TEN POUNDS! Go me! Then we had a little bit of sadness when the Beau's mother died. It was a tremendously hard week... that was one special woman, and I already considered her my mother-in-law, even though we aren't married yet. Well.... we are from the South.... and people like to make you a lot of food when someone dies in the south. Well, I gained FIVE freaking pounds this month between the week I spent in the hospital with his family, and then with the funeral. But, the way I see it, these lbs are just a little grief weight, and should come off pretty quickly now that people aren't waving fried chicken and cakes and cookies and banana pudding under my nose.

BUT, off of that... why are the only food options for those people visiting loved ones in the hospital fried, greasy, and nothing you would eat on a regular basis if left to your own devices? I really think they are just trying to create more patients for the 10th floor (cardiac!).

But the past few days have been better, the weight is coming back off. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll finish up the month where I started, but if I can just break even, I will be estatic.

Last night I followed in the footsteps of my girl H, and I checked out the fitness TV section of OnDemand. I decided it would be fun to try the Carmen Electra strip tease workout. Well, not so much. I am not cute enough, nor do I have the ability to move my hips all sexy-like to be good at that workout. Although, I did demonstrate my workout to the Beau (fully clothed, of course), and he told me "not bad". But I think he's obligated to tell me that!

So, I'm going back to Jillian. She's the best. Plus, I spent $30 on her DVDs, so I need somethign to show for that. :) And my eating is getting so much better now that I'm back in my own house on my own schedule and can cook fresh foods.

So, fingers crossed! Here's hoping for a good, healthy week. :)

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Progess Tracking

Well it's July! My daily weight tracker is slowly moving down, so that is a good thing. I've lost 8ish lbs since May. Which actually doesn't seem like a huge accomplishment in a 2 1/2 month time span, but I will take what I can get. Another 2 lbs and I will be in the 220s, and can work on knocking those down too.

I've been working out, which I am happy about. I am attempting to do a Jillian Michael's workout DVD, but it kicks my ass. Tonight I just couldn't bear 30 minutes of her, so I went for a 1.10 mile walk/jog instead. Tomorrow I'll have to put in my time with Jillian though.

Also, I'm looking into a personal trainer. I *NEED* someone to hold me accountable and kick my ass and not take my whining. A friend of a friend goes to one near my work, so my friend is investigating cost for me. If it's reasonable, I am all about it. What can it hurt?

I also make and take my lunch every day. That's helping a lot....although - secret - I totally was having a bad day and today and went downstairs to get some fries from the grill. It's so bad having that place in my building... their fries are amazing. But, the weight is looking pretty good, I'm hoping to be another .5-1 lb down again tomorrow. :) We'll see if the weight fairy is good to me or not!

Happy dieting...... (oxymoron?)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Post With Two Parts

This posting has two parts:
Part I: in which I tell you how well I did (diet-wise) during a dinner out last night.
Part II: in which I take out my frustrations on the women's clothing industry.

Part I:
So, yesterday was the Beau's 27th birthday. I told him I'd take him out to eat anywhere that he would like to go. So we went to Texas Steakhouse. I ordered a 12 oz steak w/ baked potato and a salad. Now, I realize I could've been much more healthy with the sides, but baked potatoes are kind of my weakness, and I love them. But back to the story, I ate my salad and the rolls when they were brought to the table, but when my steak and potato were brough to the table, I *immediately* cut them both in half and only ate 1/2 of each.... then boxed the other 1/2 to take home. I was mildly proud of myself. Granted, I could've gotten 2 sides of steamed veggies, or gotten a vinegarette to put on my salad, but I was very proud that I didn't gorge myself. Baby steps, baby steps.

This morning, I was down 1 pound from yesterday. Yay! :) This makes me 1.5 lbs down for the month so far - not as good as I would like, but I'm working on it!

Part II:
So, as I mentioned, yesterday was the Beau's birthday. I got it in my head that I wanted to buy something sexy-ish to wear out to dinner last night. I was really just looking for a hott tank top or something. However, the garishness that I was faced gave me the strangest mix of emotions - disgust, disappointment, self-loathing, annoyance, frustration, sadness, and a twinge of hate, just for good measure.

Seriously, what is up with those people who design women's clothes for sizes 14 and up? I was wandering through the "woman's" section at JCP yesterday, and I was slammed in the face with Alfred Dunner seperates (which I won't be interested in for about another 45 years) and a collection of the most off-the-wall, in-your-face, loud, obscene patterns ever. It's like they figure we'll just throw the most outrageous patterns and colors on a shirt, and the public's sensory system will be so overwhelmed, they won't even realize how fat this person really is.

And really, there is no originality. It's the same basic shirt in 17 different patters or color tones. Really, it can't take that much more material to make a shirt for someone with a DD bra size than a C bra size. Or someone with a little bit wider shoulder span. And if it's really a huge deal, take a page from the wal*mart book - add 3 or 4 more dollars onto the clothes that are over a certain size (they do this in the men's section for extended sizes, fyi).

It just frustrates me that I have to look like a circus tent b/c designers assume since I can't wear a size 8 I want to hide my body. Seriously, I have a great rack and love to show it off. I love some of the looks out there that are unavailable in sizes over "L". WHY PEOPLE. WHY.

Okay. Now that that's out. It does give me more motivation to keep losing weight. Even though I've said that for ages. Maybe it's time to be really serious. Day by day.

Over & Out.

Friday, June 05, 2009


Wow, so it's June. Which means I haven't written in 6 months almost. Clearly, I'm a slacker. What's going on in my life now... I finally found a full time job, and have moved to the Tidewater area of Virginia. The Beau and I are enjoying living together, but it's brought out the worst eating habits in the both of us. We lived in food gluttony for about 2 months, going out to eat a lot and snacking after dinner. HELLO AGAIN, weight. AK. I am having none of this. I read an article that couples tend to gain 10 lbs (EACH!!) the first year they live together - well, he's definitely hit that mark, and I almost did. Wake up call again, back on the fitness plan.

I did buy 3 Jillian Michaels work-out DVDs, plus a cookbook called "Cook Yourself Skinny" with lots of great recipies. I've been eating really well, and have been losing some weight. Yay. I hope to be 30 lbs light by October, when I will be a bridesmaid. I'll keep you posted! =) I promise

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Back In The Saddle Again, Round II

So. Wow. This is awkward. So, I haven't written in a while. I also.... man... I also have not been on my diet at all. This whole challenge my boyfriend and I entered into kind of fell flat. I gained almost 10 pounds, and he gained more than that. But, we've both turned a corner, I think. At any rate, I've gotten uber-serious.

I was very upset with myself for gaining the weight back after I worked so hard with my Emmalou to loose it. But, being temporarily with my parents made me revert to my pre-teen days (when I had crazy high metabolism could eat what I wanted) and just being lazy at home in general. My mom made amazingly delicious foods that I ate waaay to large portion sizes of. Also, I've been stressed out a lot about finding a full-time job, plus on the road every weekend to see the Beau. I just haven't made good choices.

So, I decided to go on weight-watchers. I sort of did it last year with my former co-workers, but I didn't follow it too tightly because I was training for a 5k and swimming 2x a week, plus was on a self imposed fast food restriction... hence the loosing 17 lbs. Well, I'm going full force this time. I'm going to meetings with my friend Christina. I'm in the middle of my 2nd week doing it. And I have some exciting news. At my first weigh-in..............

..............I LOST 2.4 pounds! I was pretty stoked. My plan is to lose 2 lbs a week up until May... I have a wedding to go to that I'd love to be 30 lbs lighter for... so hopefully I will be able to reach that goal.

I'm also adding mini-goals each week. My first week's goals were to watch portion sizes, be good about tracking points, and make healthy choices. I was successful with that.... next week's goals are to drink more water and add running back into the mix.

Also, the ladies at my church have started a work-out group on Tues/Thurs. That is really nice, I've been going to that. It's laid back but still makes me sweat.

My biggest concern is actually getting the job (even though I really really really want it). I'm worried I won't stick everything, since I'll be going to a new job and I'll be living in a new place, and will be setting new routines and the like, but since the Beau is supportive of the losing weight, plus he needs to lose weight, I think it will be good. I just have to find a WW group to go to down there, which shouldn't be a problem at all... I'd really like to find a running group or something down there to - or at least a running buddy - so I have something that will make me run.

All in all, I have high hopes for this go 'round. Plus, you never know, I may need to be planning for a wedding soon, so I might as well get a jump start on the losing weight to look amazing in my wedding dress, right? :)

Over & Out - E