Monday, September 15, 2008


Hello, hello! I have been very very neglectful of my blog lately. I am staying with my parents for a while, substitute teaching at my old high school until I find a full-time job (long story, better served for a different blog) so I don't get on the internet as often as I do when I have high speed internet (satelite internet is painfully slow).... sorry about that!

I have also not been very good about keeping up with stuff in my weight loss challenge - I have lost 2 lbs. I do have an excuse - not a good one, but I have one! I left my running shoes at the Beau's house so my only options to work out were my Reefs or high heels. I did pull out this ski thing that my mom has and tried to work out while I was watching TV one day, but I think it needed some WD-40 because it didn't really work that well.

But now I have my running shoes, so I can go work out..... yay! I do have a big problem when I am home all day - last week I subbed every day an I ate SIGNIFICANTLY less that I do when I don't have a sub-day. So I need to control that, I definitely need to work on my "bored eating". But today I've been grading papers for my dad, so I've actually been pretty good. I had a piece of toast w/ pb for breakfast, some s'ghetti for lunch.... I did have a snack of a brownie with whipped cream on top, but I am proud of myself for not gorging myself with food like I did two weeks ago! I'm too distrated with doing algebra, which I haven't used in quite a number of years!

So, to sum everything up, I am trying hard to get back on track, and hopefully I'll have good news to report in the coming days!


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Back In The Saddle Again

So, the beau and I went for a jog tonight. I wanted to be normal and jog around the neighborhood together (i mapped out a course on and everything!) but he wanted to go to the soccer park and run... so I obliged, since he was actually going with me. It was so ITCHY!! Especially since the grass was fresh cut and I couldn't find my long pants so I was wearing shorts. But I digress. I don't know how far we ran... we did 4 laps around side-by-side soccer fields. I looked up soccer field dimensions to see how far we ran, but apparently, there is no "set" soccer field dimension... there is a min for length and width, that varies 30 yards length wise and 50 yards width. Next time, I guess we need to go with a pedometer. At the least, we did 1600 yards (0.909091 miles) and at the most we did 2640 yards (1.5 miles). I am going to go with the maximum because it took us almost 18 minutes to do it, and I only walked about a a lap and a half, and I know I'm not that slow. Even walking I can do better than an 18 minute mile! :)

So I feel really good about myself. :) At Em's insistence, I am going to start training for the Richmond 8k. The website has a great training program to follow, which starts Sept 22, so that gives me plenty of time to get back in shape so I can really use the training program to work on my time (the training schedule is set up for people who are just starting out with their running). I would really love to get my time down. When I ran the Race for the Cure 5k, I did it in 45 minutes, averaging about a 14.something minute mile. I'd love to get down to a 12 minute mile (hey, baby steps! :} )

It's time to get SERIOUS! :) I need to surround myself with pictures of the beach to keep me inspired :)

Really Bad Weekend

So, I went a little hog wild over the weekend. Tsk, tsk, I know. But I'm back on the straight and narrow I think. I didn't gain any weight, at least, so that is good. I am waiting for the Beau to get home, and I'm going to try go convince him to go running with me, because he's been complaining about gaining weight too. That's really the only update that I have today. For lunch I had delicious blackberries and cottage cheese. For breakfast, I had a chick-fil-a sandwhich that we got for free yesterday... probably wasn't the best choice, but it was plain and delicious.