Monday, September 15, 2008


Hello, hello! I have been very very neglectful of my blog lately. I am staying with my parents for a while, substitute teaching at my old high school until I find a full-time job (long story, better served for a different blog) so I don't get on the internet as often as I do when I have high speed internet (satelite internet is painfully slow).... sorry about that!

I have also not been very good about keeping up with stuff in my weight loss challenge - I have lost 2 lbs. I do have an excuse - not a good one, but I have one! I left my running shoes at the Beau's house so my only options to work out were my Reefs or high heels. I did pull out this ski thing that my mom has and tried to work out while I was watching TV one day, but I think it needed some WD-40 because it didn't really work that well.

But now I have my running shoes, so I can go work out..... yay! I do have a big problem when I am home all day - last week I subbed every day an I ate SIGNIFICANTLY less that I do when I don't have a sub-day. So I need to control that, I definitely need to work on my "bored eating". But today I've been grading papers for my dad, so I've actually been pretty good. I had a piece of toast w/ pb for breakfast, some s'ghetti for lunch.... I did have a snack of a brownie with whipped cream on top, but I am proud of myself for not gorging myself with food like I did two weeks ago! I'm too distrated with doing algebra, which I haven't used in quite a number of years!

So, to sum everything up, I am trying hard to get back on track, and hopefully I'll have good news to report in the coming days!


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