Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Water, Water, Everywhere.... And Now I've Got to Drink

So, I'm back to drinking water on a regular basis. I'd drifted away from my 32 ounces of water daily, but I decided it's a habit I'm picking up again. It doesn't taste as good as Diet Coke, but it doesn't leave me bloated either. And water is so refreshing! I actually enjoy drinking my giant glass of water everyday. AND, I have to walk downstairs and down the hall to get to the water machine (I get free water out of the coke machine in the dining room - ROCKIN'!!!), so it's a healthy little walk to break up my day too! w00t!!

Something else I did.... I signed up for my work's Fitness for Life program. There is a whole list of stuff I have to do. To start off with, I have a health screening next week that I have to do. I'm a little nervous about it. PLUS, I signed up a little late and all the early morning spots were taken, so I have to wait until 11:00 am to do mine.... so I cannot eat ANYTHING until lunch time. I am going to be sooooooo hungry. My office better be prepared, because I am Cranky-Pants McGhee when I don't eat. I'm a little bit nervous about what they will find in my test results, but I've never had the cholesterol checked, or my gluclose levels, or anything, so it will be really good that I get this done.

Along with the program, I have to work out 10 times a month. I either have to sign in/out at the HR office to prove I did my time, or there were a list of other options. I chose to buy a Nike+ to go with my iPod. This way I can print out my times and dates that I work out. I have to give it to HR monthly. I am almost going to the 5:15 work out sessions that my work has. So, as the school year starts, I am determined to start a program and stick with it. This lasts for 6 months. I get a cash reward if I am successful in the program. So, here goes nothing! All I have to lose is... well... 60 pounds. haha.

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