Friday, April 22, 2011

Smooth Criminal

I can't stop raving about my green smoothies. Seriously. I'm obsessed. The past two weeks, there have only been three days where I have not had a smoothie. They are so easy and I genuinely feel amazing. And, I always thought people might be a little off when they said this about eating more leafy greens, but the whites of my eyes ARE so much whiter. I was shocked, I especially noticed when I threw some makeup on to greet the husband on his return from a work trip this yesterday. Hot Tamale.

I've definitely been taking some creative license with my smoothies, but hey! That's what's so great about the smoothies. My absolute favorite one right now is using lemons and pineapple. However, next week I will be switching it up some and throwing in some fresh berries in there. Woo Hoo.

So confession: I haven't weighed in since Tuesday. On Tuesday, I was thrilled with the numbers on the scale. However, it's been a stressful week, plus I'm home with my parents for Easter and I have eaten so much food today and I know that it will just going to do down from here. But I did go for a walk with my sweet pup twice this week, and trust that I will be doing it every single day this week leading up to the big weigh-in on Thursday. I desperately want to be down by 5 pounds this week. I aim to challenge myself to this each w/i for the next two months....which is how much longer this competition will continue.

More seriousness..... I've decided that I need to kick my ass in gear so I can conceive when it's that time, and all the studies show that women that have a healthy body weight have an easier time conceiving. While I have no reason to be concerned about my fertility, my husband and I have decided to do some genetic counseling because of some crazy mutant chromosomes I'm carrying around and will most likely do a round of IVF later this year. I'm setting up a consultation in a few weeks to talk about it with a medical professional, but I've decided that I'd like to be down 30 lbs if any implantation does happen. So..... there's that. I'm in serious baby mode... crazy, insane, I'malmost30andIdon'thaveababyandIneedonenoworImaydie, baby mode. So this will hopefully serve as a good dose of motivation, even though I've said that like, about everything. So we'll see. But right now, I'm pleased with how things are going. I'm incredibly optimistic. And I am glad to have all of this off my chest. Now.... family time.

Have a wonderfully blessed Easter. Christ the Lord is Risen!

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