Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hiatus Makes the Fat Grow Fatter

Wow. Not only did I take a hiatus from writing in my blog here, I clearly took a hiatus from eating like a smart, rational person. Oh good lord. Well, let's recap the 7 weeks, because I think it's been at least that long, if not longer, that I've given an update on process.

So, one of the fabulous ladies I am doing this whole "Biggest Loser" challenge with went to NYC on vacation a few weeks ago. It happened to fall on one of our weigh-in weeks. Rather than change our calendar, we just decided to skip the one weigh-in. Our rationale was that it would be a whole month that we'd have to work out, eat right, and then come back in and have lost a ton of weight and be really excited and motivated. That sounds theory. In practice, it did not work out the way we envisioned. Three out of the four of us gained weight... the fourth didn't gain, but didn't lose either. I gained 5.5 lbs. I was so upset with myself. I gave myself a stern talking to and resolved to do better.

This happened March 17th. Two weeks later, I lost 2 lbs. Today was our 6th weigh-in.... another 2lbs down. So, I've almost made up for my 5.5 gain, being only 1.5 lbs away from the lowest I've been in the competition. I'm still at a net loss, so that's good. However, my goal is to be 5 lbs down at the next weigh-in.....and I have a secret weapon.

Are you ready?

Green smoothies!!!!! I have been meaning to start making smoothies for a while now, and just haven't gotten off my butt to do it. My breaking point? I was recorded giving a presentation in class and had to watch it to write a 1-pg self critique. I couldn't bear to look at myself. I have learned, in years of being chubby, which angles flatter me in still photos and I have mastered looking good in a picture. However, in the video, that doesn't so
much work. So, I decided that something MUST be done.

I went to Farm Fresh, got some kale, parsley, mixed berries, lemons, grapes, flax seed.....I've been doing research online and printed off some yummy recipes. I have had one each day this week for breakfast. Monday my smoothie consisted of: a little more than a cup of kale, a cup of frozen mixed berries, 1/2 a banana, flax seed, and 1 cup of water. I was SO hungry 2 hours later. The next day, I made a lemon and parsley shake and added a cup of almond milk, and that sustained me a lot longer. I can't wait to come up with new recipes to try next week!

My smoothies haven't been this pretty of a green, but darn close. And so easy to make and drink while I'm getting ready. I have been really pleased and it usually sustains me until lunch. I still struggle with what I eat when I get home, I need to start bringing a healthy snack with me to work and eating it on the way home.

Also, I've recently become addicted to these:

They are chips that are made from brown rice. They are so so so good. They
have tons of flavors, but my absolute favorite is this Sweet Chili flavor. It's so good. I won't allow myself to buy them anymore because I can't control myself... I eat the entire bag. They are so good. They are "heath" food and all, but like I told my friend megacom, nothing is healthy when you eat an entire bag.

So all in all, things are back on track. I took a giant detour, but I'm focused and can see the light again. And I promise not to be neglectful of you, my loyal 3 people that I'm pretty sure read this, again.


Lisa B said...

I love how your tag says "epic fail." Silly Erin, this happens to us all! Just be glad it only lasted a few weeks. My latest has been a few years now. Ok, 2 need some protein to "hold you over," so the almond milk should be a must in your smoothie...or a protien mix, peanut butter or yogurt, etc. Additionally, you need a mid-morning snack. a little protein and a little carb, so a few of your rice chips (HAVE CONTROL) with hummus or PB or some fruit and yogurt. Finally, you need the same for your afternoon snack...little protein and little carbs...well, I guess that is 3 things but oh well! =)

Lady Em said...

Lisa B is really Emily R. Was reading on someone else's computer and didn't realize she was still logged in. =)

ErlizaMac said...

Thanks, Em! =) I am loving having the almond milk in my smoothies, and I got some chocolate protien powder too, so I've been tossing like, 1/2 tbs in there for that and a little flavor. I need to get much better about my snacks in the afternoon/mid-morning. That's where I'm lacking. For lunch I've been having a cup of brown rice w/ about 2 tbs of hummus and it's amazingly delish. =)