Thursday, February 24, 2011

Not Witty Enough For This Today

Soooo.... I don't think I'm going to hit my goal of 235 by next Monday. Not that I'm not going to try very hard to hit it. Mainly because any second now Aunt Flow will be knock-knock-knock on my uterus and I am concerned that I'm going to be all bloaty and water-retentiony and it's going to temporarily artificially inflate my weight. Which is sad because I finally picked out what I wanted to get for my prize! I want circus tickets. I really really want to go to the circus this year. Maybe Joe will let me extend my 'deadline' to March 4.... even though I came up with the whole weight deadline thing anyway. I don't want to be easy on myself though, I want to be tough. But we'll see. I'll keep you posted.

Also, on a whim, I took a picture of myself in my bra & panties. WOAH, tmi I know. But I just wanted to see if I look like what I think I look like. And I gotta say, I look pretty dang hot for someone who weights 237.5 pounds. I briefly thought about posting it but all 5 people that read this blog either work with me or used to work with me so I figured that's probably not a good idea.

So yesterday was the fondue-birthday-celebration hosted by my amazingly talented friend Emily (you should read her blog, it is pretty amazing) and I did well. I didn't gorge myself on chocolate and ate a lot of apples and carrots. And drank wine. But that was the best part. =)

This weekend will be a true test of wills. I have two baby showers to attend (one is a dessert party - eek!) and the other is a luncheon. I'm also going up to RVA and my girlfriends there are taking me out and I believe they intend to get me plastered. So I gotta be careful so the 3 lbs I've been so desperate to lose don't come back in just one evening of cavorting. :)

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