Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Fat Story

Now it seems like a good time to segue into my "fat" story.

I would like to take this moment to say that if you looked at me, you wouldn't think I weighed as much as I do. I've got wide shoulders, big boobies, and a surprisingly small waist. I am built like a line backer, according to my dear mother. I do have a big fat roll in my mid section, but I consider myself on the pretty side. I'm chunky... but don't like to consider myself "FAT".

As a kid, I was tall, skinny, and all arms and legs. I was a wild woodland child, climbing trees and playing in the creek and doing skin-the-cats on the monkey bars. Then.... puberty. Drat it all on puberty. Somehow then, I couldn't eat whatever I wanted and not gain weight. But I was never terribly fat... just fatter than all my friends. I was very active; I played softball and was in the marching band. Then, college. Somehow, the pounds has snuck up on me very slowly during my 4 years in college and my 3 years since.

And now they must go. Somehow after college, I snuck up to wearing a size 20. I got on the scale one day and it read 239. That was my wake up call. I freaked out. So, I starting working out more often, and I started training for a 5K and swimming 2 days a week. I dropped weight like THAT (imgine me snapping my fingers). I had to buy new pants and everything. I dropped 20 lbs and went to a 16. I was thrilled! But then life got a little hectic and I stopped working out and swimming and watching what I ate. So now I'm still bouncing around in the 220s. I desperately want to be sub-200. That is my biggest goal.

So, my boyfriend and I are in this together. He wants to loose weight too (even though he is incredibly sexy, he has some lbs he wants to take off) but he doesn't need to take off as much as I do. So we decided to challenge each other. I told him to give me a date.... challenge me to loose X lbs by X date. So he said, Jan 1. I said DEAL! I am angling for a fantastic vacation get-away with the Beau for my birthday (which is in Feb) if I get under 200. (I'm thinking somewhere warm and riddled with palm trees).... he said (and I quote): Maybe... I might not have a choice (Me:why?)... I might be compelled to (Me:to show me off?)... exactly! So, there could be a fantastic tropical February vacation for me if I can loose the weight!

So, what it boils down to, is I just have to lose 1 pound a week, every week for the next 4 months. I think it can work! :) I will post regularly my progress, my frustrations, and probably things that have nothing to do with dieting whatsoever.

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the tortise said...

Dear, dear...at least you have a goal and an incentive. I have some similar goals, but I have no fantastic vacation to encourage me...make sure you e-mail me or make me a person who is notified when you post.